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Exposure Time: 0.322954 Operations Status: RunningAcquisitionIdle Error: None Latest Image: Last Update OK -> 2023-12-01T07:23:23 Latest Image Errors: No errors Cooling: Not Controlled Temperature: Unknown
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- The NightTime acquisition mode has been selected. - Images will be taken from sunset (+1 minutes) to sunrise (-1 minutes): 16:50 / 07:22 - Image exposure time will be calculated to achieve a median target of 0.15 Minimum exposure time will be limited to 1[ms] and Maximum Exposure Time to 60000[ms]. - Images will be taken at a fixed interval of 60000[ms]. - 'Latest Image' function is active and will be updated every 60 [s]. - The 'Latest Image' function will run whenever images are aqcuired (see times above). - Image Conversions are enabled. - Archiving of original FITS files is enabled. - Size Managed Folders: - Fits Archive (FolderSize), - Meteor Detection (FolderSize), - Image Conversions (FolderSize)